Sunday, April 8, 2012


I recently had a reason to sort pennies.
I had a large cider jar full of change.
First I had to separate the pennies from the other coins, then I had to separate
all of the pennies by date.
1982 or older ( mostly copper)  which you can heat with a torch
& 1983 or newer ( mostly zinc) which you can't.
They will melt.... pretty quickly as a matter of fact;~)

So, anyway, as I was sorting it became clear why a law was passed a while back
saying it was illegal to melt down pennies for their copper.
(The copper in a penny that is 1982 or older is actually worth $0.0249.
Almost 2½ times face value)
The ratio was about 5 to 1,
bad versus good ~ for my needs anyway. 

So what to do with this?
Well....... I could roll them up, or................

I could make something

crafty with them☺

Oh!..... and look what is currently occupying my dining table.

(It's kinda blurry:(

Roma tomatoes, serrano and jalapeno peppers for the
greenhouse we are going to be building if the snow ever flipping melts!