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I think I'll do another Random Wednesday post...

I had to drive to Anchorage today for a "parts run" and office supplies and since I had quite a few Office Max rewards points built up I thought I would treat myself to a new camera. I wanted something itty bitty that I could carry around in my small-ish purse so that I would have it handy for the occasional 'awesome sunset' or 'beautiful mountain view' that I get rewarded with on my way to or from work because I have learned that I am apparently incompetent when it comes to taking pics with my phone. Which is not a smart phone, by the way, because smart phones are apparently smarter than me and I get annoyed.
Sooo, anyhoo, I found the cutest itty bitty Nikon Coolpix s6100 and I love it. So far I seem to be winning in the smart department AND it fits in my purse☺
And since the battery had some juice I took a few pics...  This is the pile of snow in the lot of the building next to the shop. They have already had snow hauled away once this year (we've h…