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been busy....

I've been away.... I've been busy.....
Every chance I get at work,  I go upstairs to my new work area to practice what I learned in my workshop.
The last couple of weeks at work have been ramping up to the deadline  for changing out winter studded tires for summer tires. And, even though we have had DRY pavement for a month now, people are, (as usual) in a panic to get their studded tires off so they don't get a ticket ( $50 per studded tire) as of May 1st. So my 'extra' time has been ~ NOT...... But, before the rush I did have a chance to work on a few things I didn't get a chance to show you. I totally love the organic wire shapes
And I have already ordered more of the filigree beads..... lots of them.... cuz I can't seem to do anything halfway☺


I recently had a reason to sort pennies. I had a large cider jar full of change. First I had to separate the pennies from the other coins, then I had to separate all of the pennies by date. 1982 or older ( mostly copper)  which you can heat with a torch & 1983 or newer ( mostly zinc) which you can't. They will melt.... pretty quickly as a matter of fact;~)
So, anyway, as I was sorting it became clear why a law was passed a while back saying it was illegal to melt down pennies for their copper. (The copper in a penny that is 1982 or older is actually worth $0.0249. Almost 2½ times face value) The ratio was about 5 to 1, bad versus good ~ for my needs anyway. 
So what to do with this? Well....... I could roll them up, or................
I could make something
crafty with them☺
Oh!..... and look what is currently occupying my dining table.
(It's kinda blurry:(
Roma tomatoes, serrano and jalapeno peppers for the greenhouse we are going to be building if the snow ever flippi…


Well, I told you I was taking an e-course, an online workshop.   It started last Monday and I am having a blast!
So far I have made Balled headpins.
Some wire thingies and some paddle headpins.

And some awesome beads.
The kit that I got came with the colors I used here, but I wanted to try some other colors so I ordered a few more colors (Ican already tell I will never have enough colors LOL!) and as soon as they got here I headed up to my work area to light up the torch and it wouldn't... light,  that is. So I got a new torch. It is different than my old torch and now I am having trouble finding "the sweet spot" in the flame to hold the beads to get good color. I am ending up with a lot of 'muddy brown' beads. Eventually I will get it down and then I will show off some more pretties.