Well, I told you I was taking an e-course, an online workshop. 
 It started last Monday and I am having a blast!

So far I have made
Balled headpins.

Some wire thingies and some paddle headpins.

And some awesome beads.

The kit that I got came with the colors I used here, but I wanted to
try some other colors so I ordered a few more colors
(Ican already tell I will never have enough colors LOL!)
and as soon as they got here I headed up to my work area to
light up the torch and it wouldn't... light,  that is.
So I got a new torch.
It is different than my old torch and now I am having trouble finding
"the sweet spot" in the flame to hold the beads to get good color.
I am ending up with a lot of 'muddy brown' beads.
Eventually I will get it down and then I will show off some more pretties.


  1. Pat!! These- all these- are sooo coool! I am totally envious and wish I was you! They are beautiful! Now just be careful with that torch!

  2. Hi Pat,
    It looks like you are doing great with learning how to enamel with fire.
    You will find that sweet spot and be puting out fabulous beads, wire thingies and headpins in no time.
    Happy Easter


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