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New snow and a full moon



I am SOOOO excited about this one!
Inspiration comes in many unexpected ways. I will show you what inspired this fellow when he is complete. ☺

new blues

Needed some blue buttons for a new neckwarmer.
Used the extra bits for a some bangles and a few rings.

I'm likin the sparklies in these ☺

an experiment and a dilemma

an experiment :

I needed some eyeballs for some characters I have in mind. I looked around on the web for glass eyes, but I didn't necessarily need or want the eyes to be "realistic", just eyeball-ish.
These started out as glass 'baubles', the kind you buy in the bag at Walmart in the silk flower section=) I used acrylic paints and spray glaze. Now I just need to bake some with the polymer clay to make sure there isn't a reaction between the glaze and the clay. If there is an issue with the glaze I can always use glass paint and skip the glaze.

a dilemma: I made these with a purpose in mind. I wanted to make a set of stitch markers. I had visions of adding a few fresh water pearls, they would be really fancy.But then, who would buy a set of unnecessarily fancy stitch markers? Certainly not something I would buy for myself, but they would make a really nice gift.
Or, should I make them into a couple sets of earrings or use them as the focal in a few necklaces?.

I may h…

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hot glue!

So..... I spent all weekend doing this project.

I DID get some of these done, but not all.

I was so tired of having my crochet projects piled up on my side table.( I currently have three going right now ).This was my hubby's magazine rack, a better description would be the magazine black hole. The last time I got fed up with it overflowing and cleaned it out there were magazines in there that were six years old!
I finally convinced hubby that he didn't need to keep all of his back issues since he NEVER opens them again after the initial read through and I mean Never. Any time he wanted to go back and look something up he just "googled" it. Who needs paper?
So... instead of filling it back up with magazines, he started keeping a few books in it. Gardening books and the like. The kind of books you only look at once or twice a year. Eventually he got just enough books in it to make a nice level surface that was perfect for holding some of his many remotes.
Now... you need to b…


to  Beth  of  QuiltersStitchTogether !!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and entered =)
I visited so many new blogs, that at one point, I vaguely recall my husband saying  " Step.  away.  from.  the.  mouse." ☺ And my blog roll more than doubled.
I hope everyone had as much fun blog hopping as I did =)



Just a quickie.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 14th, ♥ also Valentines Day ♥,  is the last day to enter my OWOH giveaway for little Jasper here.

I will be closing comments when I get up on Monday morning,  which is about 4am Alaska Time ☺,  then after my shower and a cup of coffee, I will be using the random number thingy to choose a winner.  After another cup of coffee,  I will email the winner and do an  "Announcement Blog" to let everybody know what's up☺
In other news, I have been TOTALLY engrossed in a DIY re-purpose kind of thing.   Also, I have really been trying to finish the 100 (MAYBE an exaggeration)  other projects I am currently working on.  Hopefully, I will be far enough into my DIY re-purpose thing  to show you some pictures tomorrow.    I really like it so far☺
Wish me luck!



It's happening again.
I'm supposed to be turning this into a necklace.

And these.. are waiting to become stitch markers,
( I'm thinking of making a few of them into earrings, just because I think everyone should have a chance to wear chocolates and cheeseburgers somewhere other than their BUTT.)

I made this the other day, after finding the tutorial here .
It is so easy and so pretty, I want to make a ton of these things!

I have finished the wristwarmers, but still need to finish the neckwarmer. AND make the buttons to go on it. (I am lovin me those bright red hearts, they are giving me ideas for the buttons)

I had a request for these, and I was very happy to do them, but...

It caused a little creative tickle in my fingers and I spent the day doing this... Oh well... I guess I will just add them to all of my other unfinished projects, like the laundry. S#%T!! It's Sunday evening!! I have to work tommorrow and I have …



I have to start by saying, I was actually " giddy" when I finished the cheeseburgers. The hot dogs........ not so much...

Yes, I think they look like hot dogs. But really... how exciting is a hot dog?
And, unless I figure out a much simpler way of putting them together,
these may be the only ones you see =(

These are going to be stitch markers and possibly a couple pair of earrings.(Hubby says, "I think you should make some earrings out of them."Me, "Why?"Hubby: "Because they're HOT DOGS.")I think that if I use some bright yellow beads when I put them together, it might make them look a little less plain.(of course, I didn't have any bright yellow beads, so I painted some . ☺)