i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hot glue!

So..... I spent all weekend doing this project.

I DID get some of these done, but not all.

I was so tired of having my crochet projects piled up on my side table.

( I currently have three going right now ).

This was my hubby's magazine rack, a better description would be the magazine black hole.
The last time I got fed up with it overflowing and cleaned it out there were magazines in there that were six years old!
I finally convinced hubby that he didn't need to keep all of his back issues since he NEVER opens them again after the initial read through and I mean Never. Any time he wanted to go back and look something up he just "googled" it. Who needs paper?
So... instead of filling it back up with magazines, he started keeping a few books in it.
Gardening books and the like. The kind of books you only look at once or twice a year.
Eventually he got just enough books in it to make a nice level surface that was perfect for holding some of his many remotes.

Now... you need to be told that this thing sits just in front of the table that sits between our two recliners.. where we "live" when in the living room watching the tube.

AND..... I had been trying to find a nice basket or sewing box of some sort to hold some or all of my projects, while at the same time, trying to figure out where to keep said basket without encroaching on "dog" space.

I finally had the "A-HA" moment and..........Problem solved!!

I put the books on the book shelves, where they belonged and set out to make my crochet/ sewing box=)
With the furkids in the house I felt it was best to have it enclosed to keep yarn from getting out and "fur" from getting in. ☺

These are some of the slats from a wooden shade I took down about two years ago.
Hubby stopped asking a long time ago, "Why are you keeping that,
what are you going to use it for?"
He now knows that eventually I will find a use for just about anything =)

The slats turned out to be exactly the width of this little ledge inside the magazine rack.

After cutting my slats down to size I simply hot glued them to the inside of the rails.

Another little bead of hot glue along the edge to sturdy it up a bit and the walls are done!

Now for the lid.

I cut the slats down to length and then hand cut the corners using a utility knife. I marked each corner so I wouldn't accidentally get them turned around. ☺

I had to figure out how the lid was going to hinge. I wanted a lid that would stay attached rather than one you had to lift off and put off to the side.

So I attached strapping (this stuff is for making belts) with the hot glue.

It was a little plain so I colored it with some alcohol inks. I also wanted to add some cording so I drilled some holes. 120 of them. I was having second thoughts about half way through, but obviously this was something that I kinda HAD to finish once I started.

So I did☺

After adding the cording the back looked pretty rough, so alittle batting, some fabric and my fave..........HOT GLUE!

A few upholstery tacks and there it is!

Both sides open, but I usually only open the one side since it is up against the table legs.

Here it is right back where it started.

Just ignore Scoobie Doo's pillow and blanket in the background.

He does like to snuggle up under the table. ☺


  1. Looks awesome..you did a great job...Great place now for storing your projects...

  2. That's a really great idea! You did an excellent job too!


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