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YOJP Week 17 & 18

We've been super busy at work the last couple of weeks dealing with "tire season". That's when abso-frickin-lutely everybody in my neck of the woods waits until the very last minute before the deadline to get their studded tires changed over before officers start handing out tickets to the tune of $30 per studded tire.  And NO we DO NOT do tires by appointment, and it doesn't matter how many different ways you ask me,  we STILL don't do tires by appointment. Jeesh! Then, of course, they can't understand why we don't have time to do their oil change too, "since the car is here anyway"along with the  30 other cars that got dropped off before them.  Arrrg! Anyway~ between tire season, getting the raised beds ready for planting (I'm so sore!) and trying to finish my pieces  for the BSBP (the reveal date was postponed a week ~yes!) I have been continuing the "simple" theme for my Year of Jewelry pieces.

My next post will be the bl…