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In my neck of the woods....

I have a  Love~Hate  thing with fall.
Love the colors. Fall colors, earth tones are my absolute favs! Love the fact that the gardening and yard work is finished for another year. As much as I love my yard and garden, I'm pooped☺ Hate the fact that Winter is very VERY close. These colors will only be here another week or so then the trees will be bare. The snow won't be far behind;( I should feel lucky, I suppose, since last year at this time it was snowing. (My husband has a morbid need to keep track of these things.)
We did have a little bit of 'ugly' earlier in the week, just not in my neighborhood. Anchorage and Eagle River got dumped on pretty good. And, as you might imagine, most of the cars in the pic were there  to have their snow tires installed. Surprise!
Well, in honor of Fall, and the fact that the  YOJP prompt for Week 39 was "Fall Colors" I whipped out some leaves I had made (I think it was last year, maybe the year before☺) and fulfilled my obl…

I have been creating....

Yes... I have been creating. Just not jewelry or beads or sculptures.
Canned goods. Lots of canned goods.☺ Mostly tomato based canned goods cuz, well... this was a good tomato year☺ And a good jalapeno year, but I was too busy to get pics;(
For the last two weeks I have had a heater going in the greenhouse at night to keep it warm enough for my babies to ripen up. Due to a late season attack of aphids and temps dipping into the low 30s at night, I decided it was time to harvest all of the tomatoes, red and green.
I spent most of the day Saturday clearing out the greenhouse. I picked all of the tomatoes and cleared out all of the plants. I will be very busy over the next few days ( weeks? ) Half of these became the pizza sauce in the pic up top, the other half is going to become another batch of spaghetti sauce
So far I have made 22 pints of green tomato salsa (awesome) 12 pints of red salsa 8 pints of pizza sauce 6 qts spaghetti sauce 6 pints jalapeno jelly I have the last of the pep…

YOJP ~ all caught up☺

Fall is definitely in the air. I will spend the next couple of weeks clearing out the remainder of the  "crops" from the garden, storing all of the planters and pots and trying to keep the greenhouse warm long enough for some more of the tomatoes to turn red. Over the last few weeks, we have had almost non-stop rain so I have had plenty of  'indoor time'. Time to get all caught up on The Year of Jewelry Project. I was determined that I would follow through when I signed on and I am happy that I am back on track after the busy summer months. In my last post I showed you Week 32. Well, we technically just started Week 36 (finished piece due by Sept 7) so I have weeks 33, 34 & 35 to show you today. I think I may have to keep these☺
The main pic shows what I meant to be the front of the pendant  but I almost like the back better. So it's reversible☺ Lampwork beads by Juls
More viking knit ....and lampwork by Juls I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE these "bones"…