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a closer look......

Taking a little step back in time, this is my work table right after we got done putting it in. It is 7½ ft long and 4ft wide. It's cut out of furniture grade 3/4" plywood.
I drew out what I wanted and my Honey cut it and helped me get it up the ladder, then it was up to me to install. It's mostly level☺
After 3 coats of varnish, I started loading it up.

There is a regular crank pasta machine on the right and the wider model with a motor on the left.
Now for a little look-seeunderneath that bad boy. Just ignore the dust on the floor, I do all the time and it still won't go away. That strange looking white thing on the floor is an air compressor for a spray gun. I was able to get that cheap! cheap! My old job (of 16 years) was running a bakery in a large grocery chain and when we went through a complete remodel they replaced every piece of equipment whether it needed it or not. We were given the option of paying a few bucks for anything that was being "disposed of&qu…