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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 32

I've been so busy this summer with the new garden (who knew we would have record temps and more sunshine  than I have seen in any one summer I have spent in Alaska since moving here in 1992. Two hours of watering. Everything. Every. Single. Day. Not including the grass☺) that I haven't had nearly as much time to spend "making" as I would like. Now that the rainy season is here, I feel like I have a little more free time while I wait for "harvest time". With fall quickly approaching it will be time to start canning all of the  goodies I have been able to grow this year. I'll post more about that when the time comes. For now I hope to spend more of my time creating. Hopefully accomplishing more than 'just' the one piece of jewelry per week that I committed to for The Year of Jewelry Project.
I am almost completely caught up on those postings though☺
Here is Week 32 I am seriously in love with viking knit! It's actually kind of relaxing, you can w…