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I like being me...

This is where I was today. We rode for about 3 hours.   It was a beautiful day.    It was overcast, but in the 70s ( here that's about as warm as it gets in the middle of summer, and we're just getting started ) and a nice breeze to keep the skeeters down.


This is Ruby Lake.  This picture shows end to end.
Here are a couple of loons that you can't really see. (By the way all pics on this post are courtesy of Honey, since I forgot to bring my camera)

A couple of stuffed animal friends over-looking the lake. (It took us the longest time to figure out what the heck these were.   We had to blow up the pics to see:)
One of THEE MOST AWFUL pictures ever taken of me,  but hey, it's not a beauty contest,  it's a ride. 
The Love of my Life. Not nearly as dirty as me, since he was in the lead.
We can ride our 4-wheelers right from the house, along the trails and be here within about 30 minutes.  Who can't just love that?

This is  King River shortly before it joins up with the Mat…

brand new

Meet our newest (and I mean REALLY new ☺) neighbors.
They are so FLIPPIN CUTE when they are babies!

Momma decided to take a short cut through our yard last night.  We guestimate these little ones were born earlier in the day.  One is still packin' his umbilical.
We are taking a four day weekend.  Today we are taking the 4 wheelers out.  Hoping to get a little riding in before it gets too crowded on the trails out here.  Then we will be doing yard work for at least a couple of days and hopefully a day of rest before going back to work.
Hope everyone has a safe, happy, relaxing, productive weekend!


I honestly cannot bring myself to stay in the house and clay.  I have tons of ideas.  But up here the weather is very, very  unpredictable, ( the weather predictors try and usually fail miserably, but at least they try ☺ ) so if the sun is shining, ( which it has been the last week and a half, and they have been predicting RAIN for the last 3 days ☺) I have to be outside.  Summer is short in these parts, and in the summer, I only clay when it rains!
Here  I am half way done clearing 'treelings' and a very few weeds that have grown up in the garden.  We have surmised that the soil that we had brought in 3 years ago, was somehow 'sterile'.  Absolutely nothing, including dandelions, would grow in this dirt.  So, we are having new topsoil brought in and we are building it up another few inches, and I am DAMNED determined to grow something in here!
Keep ya posted☺

last one. I promise.

Shed's done,
On to the garden.
I  promise some crafty stuff soon☺

Is it showing?

my age, that is.....
I spent the last week recovering from last weekend and catching up on some of the things that didn't get done last weekend, while we were building the shed. This weekend consisted of finishing the construction of the shed.
The roof is on, the trim is on, the screen under the eaves is in so the birds won't be nesting in there. ( Can't guarantee there won't be bats.  They can fit just about anywhere. )
All that is left is the painting and the steps.  The steps are just going to be made out of old railroad ties stacked up.  We will have a movable ramp because the shed will primarily be for storing the 4 wheelers.  We will be able to put the ramp up to get them in or out then just fold it up and slide it into the shed when we're done.
I was able to carve out some time to do a couple of experiments I've desperately been wanting to start since I got these.
I really like the one at the top of the post, but I think
I LOVE this one.
Both are sterling silver…

A different kind of W.I.P.

The shed kit. Looks exciting, huh? This is the end of day 1. Keep in mind Honey spent the morning going to town to get the kit and footings. We spent about 3½ hours getting to this point. We are now level and square.
And it's time for Nascar ...
And this is about ready to start.
Here we are after day 2.....
We worked on this from 8:30 to 5:00. It still needs the roof and some trim and, of course I will paint it to match the house ( that's the way I am), but I think we did a good job. We didn't kill each other ( he was ON HIS WAY OUT a couple of times, but then he came around to my way of thinking) and I like the way it looks so far.
Just a side note:  If you don't here from me in a couple of days, send help. I'm probably still too sore  to get out of bed.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Just a quick Hello........

Say hello to my newest dragon baby. He seems to be quite suspicious of that tail thing. ☺
We are back to having Sat & Sun off.  YEAH!!!
I don't think I will have any time to clay this weekend though.   My Honey is in town picking up a shed kit, so we will be spending the weekend building (or at least starting to build) a shed.  Apparently he has amassed too many toys and he doesn't have room to store them all. The good thing is, I love to build things and the weather is supposed to be sunny and near 60°, so I'm actually looking forward to it =~) Summers are SO short here in Alaska, any chance you have to be outside, ya gotta take it!

Looky, looky..........

I am officially in love with handmade lampwork beads. Aren't these gorgeous? I got these on Etsy from Julsbeads I have never owned any lampwork beads and certainly nothing so perty☺ I absolutely love these and my photo does NOT do them justice.  If you are into handmade beads you HAVE GOT TO GO HERE. I actually came across this very talented and totally hilarious bead maker/ blogger during this last OWOH Giveaway. I have been a follower of her blog ever since.
If you want to get to know a very sweet and funny person, go HERE. She is super full of personality and super generous. 
 I say generous because look at what else she sent to me!
She just sent these along as "extras" and I gotta tell ya that

I just can't stop touching this one.  It is definately my FAV!!
(Once again, keep in mind my not so great photography skills, this bead is to DIE for!)
It is going to have to remain in my possession permanently.
At least some of the other beads are destined to become the "setting&q…