Looky, looky..........

I am officially in love with handmade lampwork beads.
Aren't these gorgeous?
I got these on Etsy from
I have never owned any lampwork beads and certainly nothing so perty☺
I absolutely love these and my photo does NOT do them justice.  If you are into handmade beads you HAVE GOT TO GO HERE.
I actually came across this very talented and totally hilarious bead maker/ blogger during this last OWOH Giveaway.
I have been a follower of her blog ever since.
If you want to get to know a very sweet and funny person, go HERE.
She is super full of personality and super generous. 
 I say generous because look at what else she sent to me!
She just sent these along as "extras" and I gotta tell ya that

I just can't stop touching this one.  It is definately my FAV!!
(Once again, keep in mind my not so great photography skills, this bead is to DIE for!)
It is going to have to remain in my possession permanently.
At least some of the other beads are destined to become the "setting" on some rings I will be making.

I have been crazy busy at my "day job" but I was able to finish some of these~~~

I gotta pull out the light box and try for some better photos.
I have a baby dragon in the cooker at this very moment,  I will probably pull out the light box when he's done.  That's got to be soon,  cause I promised him to a lady by Friday.
Hurry, hurry :~)


  1. Pat, Thanks so much for the great review on my beads. I am so glad you are happy and I'm honored that your firsts are from me. You made my mornin'. :D Gorgeous jewelry sets~ those first pendants are the bomb diggity!

  2. I love lamp work beads and wish to learn some day those a very pretty. I enjoy looking at your clay pendants.


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