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Have you met the Kids?

Say HI to Lily.
She is 8 years old. Lily recently lost some unwanted weight(thanks to a fabulous diet suggested by the vet). She now seems to think we need to be herded. (She tries to push us where she wants us to go.... outside, the cookie cupboard, etc. and she does this with her head.) Nudge, nudge. She also seems to think that paper products, such as kleenex, toilet paper and sometimes paper towels, are one of the major food groups. Her regression to puppyhood is a joy.

This friendly looking guy is Scooby Doo.
He was born in my dining room. Lily's his momma. He is 6 years old and from this photo, you would never guess that he is frightened of just about everything. Sun light reflecting off of a watch face will send him scurrying from the room to hide in his kenel. He doesn't much care for strangers, but he has gotten friendlier with people he recognizes.

The real Scooby Doo thinks he is a 60lb. lap dog and would lick your face right off of your head if you sat still long enoug…