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my current addiction and other random stuff

My current addiction seems to be making pendants (see crappy picture below) Some with alcohol inks, but most with image transfer, I certainly haven't mastered it,

but I'm getting WAAAY better at it. (see crappy picture above) These still need their bails.

And when I go to make a necklace, even just a single one,
 I always seem to end up with this.
You see... I have yet to organize my beads. They are not organized by color or by size or by material. They are just perfectly random, and since I don't have the patience or time to organize right now, I have started trying to build more than one necklace at a time, sorta....
While I have my boxes of randomness spread out on the floor all around me, I kind of pick out what I want to go with each pendant.  Not necessarily the AMOUNTS  I will use, just the KIND I think I will use. I just toss a few of each kind in a little box with the pendant so when I get ready to string it I can just go straight to the stones I have already picked out ;~) So f…