Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love to tumble;~)

For your viewing pleasure~ ~ ~ ~
A super duper random post☺

Did I mention I got a rock tumbler this past Christmas?
(Thanks Honey!)
The colors are even more awesome in person.

I'm thinking wire wrapping;~)

An update on the liqueur.....
It's awesome!!!
But only after I ~re-fruited~ with frozen fruit.
I totally recommend using the frozen fruit!
It has a much stronger fruit flavor. YUM!

I did take the time to play with some copper wire.

Since finishing up with the 'jam-fest'
I have also canned two batches of salsa,
16 jars of "dilly beans" (pickled green beans☺)
20 jars of hot, pickled cauliflower (LOVE that stuff!)
and so far, 6 jars of  "Mom's" pickled beets.
(I am completely addicted to this canning thing)

And the alien has hatched;~)

The Alien

Alien Hatchlings
They are calling for rain this weekend and
 I actually hope they are right this once.
I really miss my clay and a rainy weekend would be the perfect time to play.