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ok... I can show you now

Well, the little fellow that I mentioned here  has arrived safe and sound at his destination in Munich so I can show him off now. This fellow went to Germany to live with Birgit She named him "Sutton" after the name of my home town. I think it fits nicely☺ And I am still plugging along on my "tubular peyote" thing. lol! Someday I hope it turns itself into a necklace. I know it's not 'perfect' but LOOK! IT'S TUBULAR!  and it's WAY longer than the totally deformed 2 inches of completed bead crochet that I disgustedly threw out after 'thehellishtwoweekordeal' of trying to teach myself how to bead crochet. (for some reason some of those beads want to look purple  but they are lying, they are brown) I haven't been feeling overly inspired lately, (it could be weather related - ie. winter sucks!) but I did try some experimenting last weekend with tinted liquid polymer. I was going for a 'faux' ceramic look. I used blue because it