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Finally .....A Tute......

I finally finished my tutorial I promised.

It is a tutorial on how to build an insulated "box" inside your toaster oven. Why would I need an insulated box inside my toaster oven, you ask? Why, to bake polymer clay, of course.I love the one I built for myself, and I have NEVER burnt anything I have baked inside the "box". If you are having any problems with that new oven you got for Christmas, check this out.

Since I am a little 'challenged' when it comes to posting pictures on the blog here, (still pretty new to this) and since the tute has quite a few pictures, and since I am very comfortable with my sitebuilder program, I decided to create a tutorials page on my website. That way it's just 1 or 2 pics here and a link to the tute.It didn't really take that long to build the page, finish taking the pictures and writing the tutorial, but as I was finishing it up, I realized that I hadn't updated my site in about 6 months and linking to it would be …