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Where I belong

I'm back home now.   Where I belong. The "kids" missed me and , apparently so did the hubs☺

It was awesome to see my sis and her hubby
 and of course, my Dad.  It has been a while.
(Plus it was in the nineties both days ~ LOVE  LOVE  LOVE it)
I'll have to make sure I go down there more often
and maybe stay a little longer than two days next time☺
It was kind of a whirlwind adventure and I'm glad it's almost the weekend.
I'm kinda tired.

I uploaded the photos of my FINISHED (yay) bead soup projects before I left (thinking that I might have a chance to put some words with them using the laptop while I was lounging at the hotel in the evenings ~ NOT;~)

So after work I will have to finish that post so I am ready
for the 'big reveal' tomorrow for The Bead Soup Blog Party Since I can't show you my finished Bead Soup until tomorrow
and I haven't had a chance to upload the pics from my trip
AND I hate having a post with no pics,
 I will show what happ…