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you may now commence drooling and wishing you were me

See? The photo stinks but the beads are definately drool-worthy☺ All of these gorgeous beads made it all the way from Juls in Alabama  to Alaska in pristine condition. I spent a couple of hours one evening, opening tons of little bundles of bubble wrap. (It was better than Christmas morning!) When I went to bed that night I left the box of beads on the table next to my chair. Said box of beads also contained tissue paper - I know better. Lily-girl has a little addiction to all things paper. She can eat a half a box of kleenex in 10 minutes flat. Paper towels, napkins it doesn't matter, she can have a roll of toilet paper strung down the hall and halfway up the stairs in no time. And apparently the addiction includes, Yep, tissue paper.  The next morning when I went back upstairs there was a giant pile of gorgeous glass on the floor. After picking everything up and assessing the damage I found that there was  only one broken bead. I'm sure that was due to the workmanship involved in making th…

new babies.....

the clay kind☺

I have a really nice customer at my day job (Honey and I run an auto repair shop - yes! we work together, have for almost three years and we haven't tried to kill each other! yet.) Her and her husband have been coming in since they came to Alaska via military orders almost three years ago. She was originally nicknamed "The Jag Lady" since she drives an older Jaguar that she treats like her baby,  but she quickly became "The Dragon Lady" cuz I couldn't make baby dragons fast enough.   She would buy every one I could make. (Honey suggested I put a small display case in the lobby of the shop, smart guy) Well, I have been distracted by numerous pursuits lately and I haven't been working on my favs, the dragon babies. Well Kathy and her Hubby are being shipped out of Alaska in a couple of months so when they were in for a tire swap last week there was a request made and then a promise made, (all of which was much to the chagrin of Kathy's Hubby) so over…

this last weekend

I was planning on cleaning up so I could find some room to do some sculpting. What happened is what usually happens... distraction☺
I liked the color combo of my last necklace so much that I wanted to make a set of earrings to match. Yeah... I thought it would be easy to just throw together a set since I already had the colors worked out. Yeah RIGHT! It was HARD to figure out how to string together that many shapes and  colors in earrings and not have it just look like a mess. And I should know cuz I had about 30 different "messes", (**~~mourning a gross of head and eye pins~~*)  but I finally ended up with a pair I like☺ They are funky but I think they have the same 'feel' as the necklace.
And can somebody tell me where this stuff has been all my life???
I am in love with memory wire!  Who knew?
After the initial distraction, which lasted almost a day and a half, between jewelry and laundry; I was able to accomplish this.
There really is a table under there. ☺
If my helper at work …