new babies.....

the clay kind☺

I have a really nice customer at my day job
(Honey and I run an auto repair shop - yes! we work together,
have for almost three years and we haven't tried to kill each other! yet.)
Her and her husband have been coming in since they came to Alaska via
military orders almost three years ago.
She was originally nicknamed "The Jag Lady"
since she drives an older Jaguar that she treats like her baby,
 but she quickly became "The Dragon Lady" cuz
I couldn't make baby dragons fast enough.
  She would buy every one I could make.
(Honey suggested I put a small display case in the lobby of the shop, smart guy)
Well, I have been distracted by numerous pursuits lately and I haven't been
working on my favs, the dragon babies.
Well Kathy and her Hubby are being shipped out of Alaska in a couple of months so when
they were in for a tire swap last week there was a request made and then a promise made,
(all of which was much to the chagrin of Kathy's Hubby)
so over the weekend I did nothing but dragons☺
We called Kathy this morning to let her know that her dragons
were ready to go to their new home and she said she would be in tomorrow
to pick them up and about
an hour later her Hubby strolled in with a
"You are in so much trouble" look on his face. LOL!

One of the many other pursuits I have been caught up in lately are these

For someone whose eyesight is getting worse and worse every year,
you would think I would have the sense not to START
 working with little teeny tiny minuscule little teeny tiny
 FREAKIN seed beads.
Apparently it doesn't matter how old I get,
good sense is still a future fantasy. 


  1. Those are just so cute! As for the are only crazy if you are using 15s!


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