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Year of Jewelry 2014 ~ Week 12

Another piece with my polymer beads. I have had a pile of them laying around and I figured I should probably use them for something . I really like the color combination. When I made them I was just playing around with combinations and didn't really keep track of the clays I used to get these colors:( So now I am "playing around" again, but this time I am documenting my steps and hopefully I will come up  with the same or, at least similar, color combos. I'm thinking of making more beads for the shop . I plan on doing a bunch of different shapes and thicknesses. Some with holes and some without. What size or shape would you be interested in? Would you prefer the hole to run top to bottom or side to side? Or no hole at all?

My Soup is Here!

My partner, Rachel and I have both received our soups, so this is a little show and tell post♥ Looky what I got!! Rachel is a lamp work artist as well as a jewelry designer and the focal she sent is one of her own. It makes me think of a bearded iris. (God, I need summer to get here!) And the toggle looks like a leaf ~ LOVE IT! I already have some ideas what I'm going to do with this (also in love with the cultured sea glass♥) And since Rachel has received her soup as well, I can now show the less "molten" version of what I sent her☺ The focal is polymer clay as well as some of the beads. I included two handmade brass toggles and Mother of pearl,  shell, fresh water pearls and a couple of different gemstone beads. I can't wait to see what Rachel comes up with!

Year of Jewelry 2014 ~ Week 11

Hey! Look! I posted twice in two days! But this is a quicky so maybe it doesn't count☺ I dunno? I can't tell you how happy I am with how this necklace came out. I honestly don't care if  NO ONE else likes it, I LOVE it and I don't say that about my own jewelry ..... EVER. I used another tutorial that I purchased from Lisa Lynn Barth I used one of my own polymer clay beads I wrapped it using her tutorial and I strung it on viking knit And I am very proud of how it turned out☺ Now, like I said, this post is a quicky. I am off to work on a hockey jersey wearing turtle. He is promised before the end of the month, so I must get busy☺

Meet My Bead Soup Partner!

We were partnered up a few days ago but this is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and tell you about my partner for this year's Bead Soup Blog Party. So, without further ado...... TA DA! ~ Allow me to introduce you to the lovely and talented ~   Rachel Baron of  R. Baron Designs Rachel's earrings using her own lamp work beads. Purty!!  You can see her Website Here She makes her own lamp work glass beads. VERY NICE! This wine stopper just makes me happy☺  LOVE the color of those beads♥  She has her own handmade beads, jewelry and even really cool wine stoppers for sale in her Etsy shop. You should check out her Etsy store Here She's also on facebook, you should go and say hello to her  Here I ended up having two different soups to choose from to send Rachel and I really had a hard time deciding which one to send. So hard of a time that I had to get a couple different opinions (Thanks Juli

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 10

There is actually a ton of stuff going on around here lately, so I have had stuff to blog about but no time to blog. Go figure☺ I'll have quite a few posts coming up very soon because Bead Soup Blog Party has begun! I'm in the process of creating a post about my partner and her soup! Look for that soon, but for today I only have time to post  my contributions for Week 10 of  The Year of Jewelry Project   This one is really similar to one I did last year. It uses one of my polymer clay beads. This isn't the one I had originally planned on submitting for this week but THAT one is quite a bit more time consuming so it didn't quite get finished. It also uses another one of my polymer clay beads  and copper but looks so, so different. (I am so pleased with how it came out ~ you'll see in a day or two☺) I am just putting the finishing touches on it while simultaneously  trying to finish the handmade components that will  be

Year Of Jewelry 2014 Week 9

Ok... I am ready for spring. Anytime now. Really. It only took me 2 ½ hours to get to work this morning. An hour of that was spent getting myself out of a snow berm that I slid into.... in my own driveway:(  The other 1 ½ hours was spent creeping past the numerous vehicles off the road and various tow trucks and police cars along the 45 miles between my house and work.  That being said, in Alaska we still have better conditions this winter  than a lot of the lower 48, so I guess I shouldn't complain. This was my project for Week 9. It's another variation of a Nicole Hanna tutorial, I'm trying to add my own spin on the design. I have a ways to go but I'm getting better. I've spent the last two weeks building 3 different "soups" for this years Bead Soup Blog Party I just have a couple of things left to make and I will be ready to choose one to send when I find out who my partner is. I'm excited!