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Hello Internet ~ I've missed you☺

Be warned... I'm feeling a bit chatty☺

So.... A few  weeks ago Hubby decided  that he needed faster internet.
(we really don't, but he thinks we do. If it's available he's got to have it)
(I seriously think it's a guy thing.  What.ever.)
So a couple of weeks ago they came out to upgrade the  lines so we could get the faster speeds, per my husband's request.  They did the "outside work" on Tuesday the 23rd and they would be out on Saturday to do the "inside work". After they were done messing with the wiring on Tuesday (while we were both at work) we had NO internet connection. I was patient ~ Hubby was apologetic and we waited until Saturday,
at which time we found out that we had the wrong wiring coming
 from the "source" to the house and that they
don't do anything "structure to structure"
so WE would have to run the correct wiring before they could proceed.
(Apparently the guys that did the outside work would have…