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Meet Bliss!!

A birthday gift for a special young lady who is all about pink.

Driftwood Display

I recently made a lot of little cell phone charms. (Just felt the need)

And I was trying to figure out a unique and interesting way to display them.
I went out to my stash of twigs ( I use them to make fairy houses ) and found this lovely piece of driftwood. I thought I would try to make a "tree".

I almost decided to leave it natural, but I had to use too many different colors of wire. So I ended up painting it a solid black. I like the way it turned out.

Learn something new everyday.

I'm sure others already know about this cool little gadget, but I just discovered the collage feature in Picasa. It's going to take a little more experimenting to get just what I want, but it's kind of fun. This us a collage of some photos I took last fall, in my yard. These pictures were taken specifically to play with in PhotoShop. I still haven't gotten around to that. So little time....................................................

To Bead or Not to Bead

This, hopefully, will become a pretty necklace. The pendant was an experiment with alcohol inks, I added one of my late grandmother's buttons for no particular reason. I think it works. I also mixed some custom colors of clay to make some "matching" square beads. I'm going to throw in some mohogany obsidian, some tiger eye chips and some glass beads and we'll see what happens.

I don't even remember what I was making at the time, but all of these clay colors ended up on my work table together and I decided I needed to put them together somehow. They just seem to be happy colors. The colorful "bubbles" on the pendants are dimensional and I made some "bubble" beads to go with them. For this one I think I'm going to try some fresh water pearls and gold chain.

I wanted to try some of my bubbles on black for some contrast, and I like the way it looks. These pendants I made smooth. I think it looks a little more dramatic. I haven't quite de…

Look what happened last weekend.

In this picture, if you look REALLY close at the area above and to the left of the "fabulous" snow pile, you can just make out our house. (Just to the right of the power pole) This shot was taken from the lower section of our "driveway", which is actually 1/4 mile of dirt road. And I referred to the snow pile as "fabulous", because my wonderful hubby has been trying to perfect his snow plowing skills and he feels that he has out done himself this year!

The photo below is another one of his snow piles.I know what you're thinking, "Wow! Another picture of a snow pile! How exciting!"But at least this one includes Scooby Doo.And the snow piles are kind of cool until they start to thaw while the ground is still frozen, then the driveway gets kind of Lake-ish.**(Thought I should edit this post to clarify that only the top 12 inches of this crap happened last weekend :-) **
I saw a row of Pagodas. What do you see?

Oh! I almost forgot!! I learned a new …

Meet Moloodoe!!!


In the beginning.... Not so cute. I sculpted his body over this armature, added his head and front legs before the first cure.Then I added the hind legs. It was a challenge for me to get the stance just the way I wanted it, so when I finally got it "right", I was so excited to get him cured that I forgot a very important step.
This is what happened when I forgot to brace him up in the middle. He is pretty good sized at 7" long and about 5" high at the tip of his tail.

So, a little bit of batting, some "emergency surgery", and ......

All better.

Y Y Meet MoloodoeY Y
Moloodoe's Story

"In the dark of the night when things seem scary, Moloodoe appears in a little spark from the last dying glow of the light bulb. He sits on your chest and looks at you with playful eyes and a contagious grin giving you a swat on your nose from time to time until you fall to sleep, secure in kn…