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you said we were going for a walk, why are you just standing there?

(Photo taken today - 2 days after Scooby's 9th Birthday)
A quick update on my baby Scooby Doo. We got into the vet on Tuesday morning and after a good exam the vet said he seemed to be doing well. Didn't seem to have any residual effects from his seizure and since this is the first time he ever had one it could have been an isolated incident. The vet said he couldn't say it would never happen again but if it did we could treat him with phenobarbital, the same thing used in humans for epilepsy. They did blood work just to make sure there weren't any underlying issues, and all they found there was that he is a little low on phosphorus. So the boy gets to have a little milk with his food every morning for a week. He seems to like it☺
The vet also said that he was a little heavy, OK he actually called him obese but we all put on a few extra pounds in the winter don't we?