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Gardening update..... and YOJP Week 12

This weekends weather has been really awesome Sunshine, no wind and 40 something both days. I am itching to start building the greenhouse that we bought last August. It was supposed to arrive in September with enough  time to build it before winter but due to some "back order"  delays it didn't arrive until November;(   WAY too late to build before winter. So it has been sitting out there in the connex, in boxes, waiting patiently. We are hoping to be able to start building next weekend. ~hope~hope~hope~
We need to get it up pretty soon cuz these guys
and these guys are getting a little out of control☺ They need to be planted before too long.
The new greenhouse will be heated, so no matter the weather, once we get it up and running, the tomatoes can go in☺
These guys
and these guys will be living in the old greenhouse (which is not heated)   when it gets a little warmer out.
And now my YOJP Week 12 project I wasn't overly thrilled with how these came out. The angle…