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Nice Surprise

I woke up this morning with, what could be described as, a challenging attitude. Maybe it is the time of year, that dreary between seasons time of year. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine and I have come down with SAD.
Maybe it's the fact that I fought with my aged camera for 3 hours last night and only have about a half dozen usable shots for posting on Etsy.

(OH SO looking forward to more struggling here shortly. YEA!)

Then of course, it didn't help that I had to drive to Anchorage TWICE today for parts. Actually, to be completely accurate, I had to drive to Anchorage once for the wrong part, then a second time for the right part. I really HATE driving in Anchorage. It's very congested and half of the drivers seem to be late for something and the other half seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to make a right hand turn from the left hand lane, on a whim. These trips were in addition to my regular commute which is 45 miles one way in the opposite direction from Anchorage …