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Almost done with another year........

This was my fourth year participating in
The Year of Jewelry Project
I have one more project to submit for this year
and I will have completed all 52 weeks of all 4 of those years☺

Some years I have been caught up almost all of the year

And other years I have had to play catch-up for 6 to 8 weeks.

But I have successfully FINISHED at least 52 pieces
 and photographed and posted them.

I am pretty proud of myself for actually being able to
create pieces even when I wasn't really "feeling it"
or being super busy with other things.

But I felt it was a commitment I had made,
 even if it was really just to myself, and I was
determined to finish what I started☺

I have explored a lot of different techniques and mediums,
I have improved a lot in several of them☺
and I have gotten much better at the photographing of the pieces.
At least I think I have☺

I did not sign up to participate in the project for 2017.
I seem to have a lot less "spare time" than I used to have when

More of The Year of Jewelry.......

I may have mentioned before  that I pretty much suck at that thing known as social media☺ These last few weeks haven't seen any noticeable improvement  to that suck-age:~(
And in my last post I kinda sorta promised to be a little more chatty this time around aaaaaaaaaannnndd....... I lied. This is all I have for you today.

At least I made a couple of collages instead of inundating you with a hundred bazzillion pictures. Really just seven, but that can seem like a lot. No? If you want to see bigger individual pics you can go here. There are some really nice pieces by some very talented  jewelry artists in The Year of Jewelry Project
I'm not making any promises this time but maybe I'll actually have something to chat about next time and maybe next time will be sooner than  2 months from now.

Year of Jewelry 35 ~ 37

A very quick quicky this time☺
Been very busy getting the garden and greenhouses  ready for winter. Back to being a couple of weeks behind. Not bad though, considering☺

I'll be more wordy next time, k?

More YOJP pictures...... Week 31 ~ 34

Yeah...... I know I suck at blogging☺ But I'm a busy, busy gal☺☺
 I seriously started this necklace over a year ago and  finally finished it. Whew!☺
 This is another Nicole Hanna tutorial. I'm really heavy handed when I work with wire and I am really trying to get more used to working with thinner gauges without breaking the wire every time I touch it☺ Most of Nicole's tutorials call for 22g and 28g so it's really good practice for me.  Some polymer clay components by me☺ Keeping it simple again so I can keep up.

YOJP ~ Weeks 27 - 30

Another quicky post☺

This actually gets me caught up again;~)

Hi There.....Me again☺

More YOJP pictures. And a little about the yard and garden☺
I used a tutorial by Nicole Hanna for this one  Made this bracelet using the same weave pattern  as this necklace from Week 20  I struggled with this one, I had a heck of a time  with the length. But super happy with how it turned out☺  I struggled with this one too, and I'm not so thrilled  with how it turned out, but I just wanted to BE DONE with it. lol So, as they say, It is what it is.
I am in love with these.
So cute!

As you know, if you have been around for a while,
I usually fall a little behind on the project
in the summer months.
Like most everybody else,
we always have a lot going on in the summer.

Lots of planting

and more flowers.
There's more but this is already one long-ass post! lol
So I will just leave you with this.....
Just two of the many reasons for the cages
 on the raised vegetable beds.

Hey Look!............

It's June and I haven't posted in a month and a half.
I slay me:~)
I am currently only about two weeks behind on the project And I am planning on some ~me~ time this weekend to play catch up.
I'm just here today  to throw some pictures up of  what I've submitted up to this point.
Later today or tomorrow I will be back with some gardening  and greenhouse updates:) (which is what has helped put me behind, as usual☺)

 Apparently I used 26g on one and 28g on the other. LOL.... Can't really tell with the naked eye (obviously) or they wouldn't be different☺

Year of Jewelry Weeks 15 & 16 and a greenhouse pic... or two☺

Still keeping up and  still spending a lot of time in the greenhouse☺

Peppers, cabbage, cauliflower and some squash
in the far back just hangin out til it's warm enough
to plant them outside

more cauliflower,  peppers and broccoli
on the other side here☺
I have the blue totes (where the tomatoes live) set up with a drip system on
a timer and the temporary pots with the "outside" plants
are on another timer with soaker hoses
So far it's working out very well☺
It took a little work to set up the soaker hoses but very worth it.
WAY better than spending 1 1/2 everyday watering!

Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 12, 13 & 14

I like all of these but I'm particularly pleased with Week 14☺

Week 12 and 13 were kind of quicky designs to keep up with the project while spending far too long  trying to accomplish Week 14☺ haha! Usually when I start with a tutorial (which I did for this bracelet) I can't seem to  put my own spin on it without ending up with something that is just horrid. The kind of thing you look at and say to yourself "What in the hell is that supposed to be?" The vague idea in my head seems do-able  but I always seem to end up with "What were you thinking?" "What were you even trying to do?!!!" But I like this one☺ I even tried to finish the ends of the cuff like the tutorial and ended up "trimming" the wrong wire (oops) and had to come up with my own end design with what I had left to work with☺
The focal bead is, of course, made by my absolute fav glass artist Juli Cannon of Juls Beads. Check out her store and if you want to have a front row s…


Do you ever feel like you have way too many things going on at  once and start feeling overwhelmed  when in fact it is just you feeling like you should be  orwant to beaccomplishing "x" number of things  and you simply don't have time for all of them? And then you beat yourself up because you can't "do it all"?
Oh.... and then there is that full time job thing. Yea.............. I just have to keep reminding myself......... If you think about it, for the most part, the only person you are letting down is You. Give yourself a break! ☺
 I've been spending A LOT  of time in the greenhouse. Absolutely loving the warmth and the smell of dirt☺

Lots of transplanting and watering happening. Everyone is growing so fast!

I've also been having all kinds of ideas of things I want to be making. Not just jewelry, but some new clay creatures too. Somebody needs to add about 10 more hours into every day!
Plus... I am proud of myself for keeping up with  The Year of…