Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 12, 13 & 14

I like all of these
but I'm particularly pleased with Week 14☺

Week 12 and 13 were kind of quicky designs
to keep up with the project while spending far too long 
trying to accomplish Week 14☺ haha!
Usually when I start with a tutorial
(which I did for this bracelet) I can't seem to 
put my own spin on it without ending up with something that is just horrid.
The kind of thing you look at and say to yourself
"What in the hell is that supposed to be?"
The vague idea in my head seems do-able 
but I always seem to end up with
"What were you thinking?"
"What were you even trying to do?!!!"
But I like this one☺
I even tried to finish the ends of the cuff like the tutorial
and ended up "trimming" the wrong wire (oops) and had to
come up with my own end design with what I had left to work with☺

The focal bead is, of course, made by my absolute fav glass artist
Juli Cannon of Juls Beads.
Check out her store
and if you want to have a front row seat in one of the best facebook auction sites
for some of the most gorgeous art beads, go here.
All you need to do is knock on the door, I'm sure they will let you in☺


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