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Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 40 & 41 because I'm behind again ~ apparently that's just how I roll☺

I don't know why I have issues with stringing bracelets, but it always seems to be such a struggle to get them  'just right'. This one I loved, then I hated it (almost took it all apart) and now I think I am OK with it.
I wasn't even planning on making anything this weekend. This was going to be a "clean up and organize" weekend and I started here Apparently this was a huge mistake. This is my 'lampwork' drawer and I have never really had it  organized in any particular way and I need to find a home for all of the  cabs I have for wire wrapping, so I needed to condense. This was as far as I got. (Drawer and contents currently taking up a large parcel of floor) I came across the red, white and black set of Juls Beads and decided that I was going to just GO FOR IT and pulled out my sterling silver wire (which I am usually terrified to use because I waste  so much wire when I have a vague idea and it doesn't turn out  and I have to start over.... an…