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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 25 (or my very favorite piece of jewelry I have ever made for myself ♥)

I can't even tell you  how much I love this cuff.
The wrap is rustic (read: far from perfect☺)

It's chunky

A little wonky

It looks like it would be really heavy

But it's not

It is seriously comfy ~ fits like a glove☺

Don't you just love that eyeball???!!!
THAT my friends is a hand made lampwork cabochon
made by the lovely and talented
Juli Cannon of Studio Juls ♥ I used copper wire in several gauges:
10g, 16g, 20g and 24g
A lot of heating and pounding went into this cuff
and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Year of Jewelry Week 23 & 24

During the summer months I usually suck at posting..... anything. Not apologizing, just FYI. It's a time thing. Full time job, gardening duties, yard work~ just a time thing☺
Oh yea... And trying to make at least one piece of jewelry per week☺
Which is usually accomplished while curled up in my chair  in the evening in front of the TV.

The necklace was made to match the bracelet and earrings I gave to my sister. She mentioned several months ago that she needed  a necklace to go with them.
(Of course, I didn't want to rush into anything,  so 5 months later I started working on it☺) That gorgeous bead in the bracelet is a one of a kind lampwork focal by Juli Cannon of Studio Juls so I needed to get a little creative with the necklace☺ I made a focal with a similar color pattern using polymer clay, then to balance out the necklace, I used one of the buttons from huge stash of sewing "stuff" I inherited when our Grandma passed years ago, and used it as the closure in fr…

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 22

Just a quicky to show you my piece for Week 22. I actually followed the theme for this week which was "My Favorite Flower" My favorite flower is a fuchsia called  "Swingtime" This pic is from 2010. I try to have at least one of these every year. Love♥

Garden Update ☺

I actually didn't quite know what to do with myself this weekend;~)
Every weekend lately has been about
"The Garden" I was able to finish planting last weekend, and since it was a three day weekend, I also had the time to catch up on  some of the more pressing house cleaning duties☺
This Saturday it rained all day so I didn't even have to water
the garden, so besides the usual weekend stuff like laundry
and such I was pretty much a lady of leisure☺
I thought this would be a good time to show
what all we've  accomplished on the garden area.

I'll start with a quick recap of how it all started
Two years ago, we did this.
Tilled under the entire yard and started over.
We separated it into different sections ~
The "Patio Area" with a fire pit,
and an area for raised garden beds where the trees make it
nearly impossible to grow decent grass.
We left the garden area unfinished because, honestly,
we were pretty much exhausted☺
The next year we did this …