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Is It Spring YET?

This blog is supposed to be primarily about Polymer Clay.
Lately I have been spending alot of time on other subjects and I am trying to curb that. That being said, I bring you another post about the WEATHER. I can't help it. I just got back from walking the dogs.

Alot of people, when you say walking the dogs, they picture a little trip down the sidewalk with a lease in one hand and a plastic bag in the other.

Well, I do have one dog on a leash, but there is no need for a plastic bag and there are no sidewalks,
JUST THIS. After the super deep freeze we had, then the thaw, we are now back to "normal" weather for Alaska in January.
Which, in my neck of the woods means, temps in the teens and a nasty wind with wind chills of usually below zero. Oh, and did I mention the wind acts kind of like a zamboni on the ice?
Well, I gotta tell ya. Diamonds aren't this girl's best friend.
This winter (and several in the past) my best friends are: