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Almost done with another year........

This was my fourth year participating in
The Year of Jewelry Project
I have one more project to submit for this year
and I will have completed all 52 weeks of all 4 of those years☺

Some years I have been caught up almost all of the year

And other years I have had to play catch-up for 6 to 8 weeks.

But I have successfully FINISHED at least 52 pieces
 and photographed and posted them.

I am pretty proud of myself for actually being able to
create pieces even when I wasn't really "feeling it"
or being super busy with other things.

But I felt it was a commitment I had made,
 even if it was really just to myself, and I was
determined to finish what I started☺

I have explored a lot of different techniques and mediums,
I have improved a lot in several of them☺
and I have gotten much better at the photographing of the pieces.
At least I think I have☺

I did not sign up to participate in the project for 2017.
I seem to have a lot less "spare time" than I used to have when