Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ever feel like life in general is just spinning out of control?

I have been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now.
I don't know if it all of the 'Year-end closing' I'm doing at work or
 if it has to do with beginning the new year thinking about all of the things
 I wanted to accomplish last year and didn't.
We are also checking into a refinance, remodel, add-on thing
with the house and that continues to get more and more complicated
with the proposal, appraisal, building plans and proposed "as built" appraisal,
etc., etc., etc.

I get this feeling now and then (thankfully, not too often).
I'm not a control freak by any means, I just like to know that I have a say
in what direction my life is taking, and organizing something,
ANYTHING, seems to help when I feel this way.
I guess it's kind of a way of being in control of SOMETHING.

So this weekend I spent my time organizing (and cleaning).
I am actually quite sore but I feel a little less out of control.