Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well, I told you I was taking an e-course, an online workshop. 
 It started last Monday and I am having a blast!

So far I have made
Balled headpins.

Some wire thingies and some paddle headpins.

And some awesome beads.

The kit that I got came with the colors I used here, but I wanted to
try some other colors so I ordered a few more colors
(Ican already tell I will never have enough colors LOL!)
and as soon as they got here I headed up to my work area to
light up the torch and it wouldn't... light,  that is.
So I got a new torch.
It is different than my old torch and now I am having trouble finding
"the sweet spot" in the flame to hold the beads to get good color.
I am ending up with a lot of 'muddy brown' beads.
Eventually I will get it down and then I will show off some more pretties.