Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 7 .......... and news☺

Ok... I admit that I am a couple of days late with this week's
(last week's) piece but I have a good reason☺
More on that in a minute~
Anyway... this is actually a re~do.
The first one I made was literally the first
micro-macrame bracelet I had ever made.
You can see why the re-do was needed here
I had meant to re-do it in the exact same pattern
but changes were made (I can't help myself☺)
Now it's a  little longer than I wanted but still totally wearable☺

Now for the news!
It's official....
I'm going to have some of my goodies in a
Gallery / Gift shop in Anchorage
and this summer I will have same said goodies
in a Gallery / Gift shop in Skagway.
Apparently in the summer there are quite a few people in Skagway☺
With just under 800 year round residents, you wouldn't think
Skagway would be a great place for a Gallery
but more than 800,000 people pass through this town every summer,
so this is very exciting☺

All three of these designs will be made into magnets☺


They are also interested in some of these in various colors
O! M! G!  YES!!!
(And the gallery owner actually bought this one for herself☺)

Yep... I'm floating around up here on cloud nine☺♥

And I had better get my butt in gear, there's lots to do!