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rain and the charmer

The last couple of weeks it has rained and rained and RAINED. Even the farmers in the area are hoping for some sunshine. This year at the Homestead we are having some issues with the grass, but the mushroom "crop" seems to be doing GREAT ;~(

Now, what did I do with that saute pan?? ☺

In other news.....
I still don't know what his name will be.  I probably won't figure it out until he is done, and he's far from done. But I think he's already turning out to be quite the charmer.


So far he's turning out just right. He still needs some paint and of course hands and shoes. I am so excited about an idea I have for the shoes
We'll see;~)


I know I shouldn't complain, considering the Lower 48 and Canada  are nearly baking in the summer heat, but I am getting a little tired of clouds and rain and 50 some degrees.   I need some sunshine;~(
On the upside the flora that the wildlife hasn't dined on  is liking the rain.

I think I will take care of some cleaning and bill paying, then take advantage of the bad weather and play with the clay;~)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Third time's a charm

This was my first try. I didn't like it. For starters it was too long and it seemed to be lop-sided right in front. I had initially wanted to make this a three strand, so I strung three separate strands.  But when I started to put them together 3 seemed too bulky. This one got 'snipped'.
This was try number two. Much better balance but way too short. I felt like that guy who keeps cutting the table legs, one at a time and never really gets it level, until it's as short as a coffee table. How did I get it this short??? Plus, I'm not sure how I feel about how I had it come together at the focal bead. This one got 'snipped'.

FINALLY, a winner ;~) I love the length, I love the balance, I love the colors. And I didn't let that third strand from the first try go to waste. I decided that I would like to have a matching bracelet, since it was already strung and all ;~)
What do you think?

show and tell.....

Today felt a little like Christmas.
I had to go to town today for parts and tires for the shop, so I made the most of it and hit Michael's for the 50% off bead sale ;~)
I actually had a purpose for going, not just the compulsion to own more beads, though that probably factored in at some point in the decision making process, but I wanted to find the "perfect" beads to go with  this ~~~
I recently ordered a gorgeous focal bead from Julsbeads It's that one right in the front.  It screamed at me as soon as I saw it! !!! And now it's mine, ALL MINE!!! MINE!!  MINE!!!  MINE!!!
( Ahem.  Sorry.) 
OK, anyway, I had a few worthy colors to go with this guy, but I really wanted to do this justice. (And, just so you know, I am making this one for ME.)
So I went shoppin.

Obviously, I have no idea how I'm putting this together yet. I'm not the type to rush,  (I used to be, but I think I finally got over that), so I can wait until they tell me exactly what they want to do ☺
When I g…


I have been kind ofstuck on wire wrapping.  I love it. Spent the last week working on these. I use sterling silver wire and those gorgeous lamp work glass beads I got from Julsbeads and I just love these rings!
This weekend we have been just enjoying not having to go to work. Had rain all day Saturday, so I stayed in the house most of the day cleaning and organizing. (We have an appraiser coming on Thursday)
It was just cloudy today, so we were able to build the ramp for the new shed.

Now I can back out without being afraid of toppling off the edge.  This ramp is nice and wide.
Tommorrow, more cleaning and organizing to get ready for Thursday. They are calling for more rain so it will be OK to be inside. If I get done early enough maybe I can play with my clay.
It has been calling me names lately. 
 It has been very annoyed.
It is feeling quite neglected.
I think it's time to make up;~)