I have been kind of stuck on wire wrapping.  I love it.
Spent the last week working on these.
I use sterling silver wire and those gorgeous lamp work glass beads I got from Julsbeads
and I just love these rings!

This weekend we have been just enjoying not having to go to work.
Had rain all day Saturday, so I stayed in the house most of the day cleaning and organizing.
(We have an appraiser coming on Thursday)

It was just cloudy today, so we were able to build the ramp for the new shed.

Now I can back out without being afraid of toppling off the edge. 
This ramp is nice and wide.

Tommorrow, more cleaning and organizing to get ready for Thursday.
They are calling for more rain so it will be OK to be inside.
If I get done early enough maybe I can play with my clay.

It has been calling me names lately. 

 It has been very annoyed.

It is feeling quite neglected.

I think it's time to make up;~)


  1. Ska Wee! Your wire wrapping is flawless and I LOVE the rings. What a unique idea!!

  2. Pat....the rings are beautiful. I'm like you..something happens once you start wrapping wire..LOL!!! That clay can really let you feel guilty....now go squish it!!


  3. Julianna, thank you! The wrapping is fun abut it's all about the beads ☺

    Regi, Thanks and I'm off to squish! ☺


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