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Finally finished...Yay!!

And I couldn't be more pleased with it;~)

Ok let's recap how this little lovely evolved shall we?
I told you a little while back how I had been inspired to try something new. And this one was the second one I was working on. (after a little mishap with the first one) This is how it started out
I wasn't really pleased with how it was coming along, so I reworked it a bit.

And it was slowly becoming this, but when I got to where I was going to finish off #1  ~ It was more choker length than bracelet length (unless you are the Hulk) #2 ~ I had a few cords that were just too short to work  with for finishing.
Now, you need to know that when I decided that I wanted to try this micro-macrame thing, I went in search of instruction. I bought this pattern as inspiration and I also got this book and this book (I highly recommend this one). One would think that if someone was just learning something for the first time and they had the resources available (ie: books in han…