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Update on the greenhouse, better late than never☺

(Warning: Lots of pictures☺)
If we are on Facebook together,  you may have already seen some of these☺
Back in April I posted a bit about our progress on  the building of the greenhouse then I got so busy finishing and filling it, then getting the garden beds ready  and planting them, (plus, making manyearrings)  that I just plain didn't have time for more updates until now☺
You can see where I left off here.
We had to wait about 4 more days before we had a calm "window" of no wind (which lasted about 2 hours)  before we were able to get the roof panels in.
After that, I installed the shelving (all by my self ~ yay me☺)
 It was snowing outside
 But, even with just a little electric heater, (running off an extension cord)  it stayed plenty warm enough to work inside. Once I had the shelves in, Honey put in the electrical 
 and then installed a propane heater ~ it's pretty sweet☺ We were just going to run it off of a regular small propane tank.  Then Honey surprised …

Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 18 - 23

Still finishing up work on the garden beds, so, obviously still playing catch up;~( But I'm almost there☺ Here is the last of the feather earrings that I made for a wedding party.


If I never work with another feather, it will be too soon.
Just sayin.

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 16 & 17

Playing catch up again☺ Just been busy with other things☺

These sets of earrings (and the next few I will be posting)   are similar on purpose. I was sent a bag of feathers and asked if I would use them to create several pairs of earring for a wedding party.
I have to admit that working with feathers was a challenge and it took more time than it really should have for me  to wrap my brain around how to assemble all of them. But the task was completed (in time for the wedding☺) and I like the way they turned out. So it's all good;~)