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Sissy is sleeping~


Tickles and  Me;~) 

havin' a snow day

I guess it's actually an ICE day. My husband was only half way to work when he called and told me to stay home for the day.
Depending on where you are temps are anywhere from 25° to 32° and it's raining ;-( Everything is covered in a sheet of ice and even the sanding trucks are sliding off the road.
And since I have a whole day to play, I started by finishing this.
I have to say I love this!

I made this necklace for me me-me-me! (Isn't that birdie just the cutest?) (If you need one, and I know you do, Go Here) I made it so I could wear it short or long.

"Three types of bear are found in Alaska: Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Black Bear." "The Grizzly Bear is the world's largest land-dwelling omnivore, weighing up to 1,000 pounds (454 kg) or more. A brown bear cub weighs only 8 to 10 ounces (0.3 kg)." Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia

I had forgotten

--->  I had forgotten how much I enjoy making these little guys. Here they are cured but still naked. I will be painting them over the next couple of days.

--->  I had forgotten how yummy an afternoon bloody mary can be.
--->  I had forgotten that there is always a trade off  for clear skies in the winter. Last night's moon.
Our clear skies last night gave way to a 10° morning. Brrrrrrr!   And we haven't even really gotten started yet...

"The Tlingit People dried hooligans (a small, oily fish), inserted a twisted spruce bark wick and used them as candles."
"A halibut has both eyes on the same side if its head." Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia

super-duper, UBER, beyond CUTE!

I got a package today. It was from Juls.
I opened it at the post office.
Whenever I get a package from Juls, I open it at the post office.
Hey, I live 10 minutes away, I couldn't wait that long.

This is what was in that package.

As soon as I saw this post, I knew I had to have a birdie of my own.
Then this post came along, and I found my soul matebirdie.
Look at the color of this guy! And the personality is UBER CUTE!!
The workmanship, the gorgeous colors,
 the overall cute factor!
I am in love with my new birdie. If you know Juls, you know you want one. If you don't know Juls, you NEED to know Juls.
There is a giveaway underway at Julsbeads and I promise you will kick yourself if you do not
head over there RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!
If you didn't catch the link above,
click here to get there.
You won't regret it, but hurry she will be drawing a name on Wednesday.

Alaska Stuff
Bird: Willow ptarmigan
Fish: King Salmon
Flower: Forget-me-not
Fossil: Wooly mammoth   (who knew we ha…

just cuz

Just cuz.. I have a ton of different things I want to be working on in the clay  department... and a ton of rings I want to wire wrap and a ton of life getting in the way. And Just cuz.. I have a small blank wall in my bathroom  that I stare at every morning while I'm brushing my teeth and planning my day in my head, which almost always makes me loose track  of how long I have been  brushing my teeth. Thank goodness I have one of those Oral B brushes.   I have one that actually does a weird little buzz-buzz-buzz every two minutes.  I guess that's to help tell you if you are  brushing long enough but some mornings that little sucker goes  buzz-buzz-buzz three or four times.  Then if I try to remember if I've gotten  the front AND back of the top AND bottom and I can't remember where I started then I do a quick ALL OVER just to be sure. You can laugh, but I haven't had a cavity in over thirty years ☺
Sorry. Back to our regularly scheduled program.
And Just cuz.. I already had some cl…

just chillin'

I have spent the last several days working, trying to get some rest, and making some more .....leaves☺ I think I am an addict. "....Hi." "....My name is Pat." ~~~HI PAT~~~ "and I can't stop making leaves."
These are itty bitty ones that you could use for earrings. I am in love with the color of these.
I also experimented with some 'faux wood grain'

made a cover for a notebook
made some ultra thin leaves.
these are colored with mica powders
not exactly sure which direction i'm going with this one,
but i kinda like it so far.

"There are 14 species of whales in Alaskan waters: Orca, Sperm, Beluga, Blue, Bowhead, Northern, Right, Finback, Humpback, Sei, Minke, Gray, Pilot, and Narwahl." "Approximately 1.25 million Pacific Fur Seals return to the Pribilof Islands each year."
Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia