just chillin'

I have spent the last several days working,
trying to get some rest,
and making some more .....leaves☺
I think I am an addict.
"....My name is Pat."
~~~HI PAT~~~
"and I can't stop making leaves."

These are itty bitty ones that you could use for earrings.
I am in love with the color of these.

I also experimented with some 'faux wood grain'

made a cover for a notebook

made some ultra thin leaves.
these are colored with mica powders

not exactly sure which direction i'm going with this one,
but i kinda like it so far.

"There are 14 species of whales in Alaskan waters: Orca, Sperm, Beluga, Blue, Bowhead, Northern, Right, Finback, Humpback, Sei, Minke, Gray, Pilot, and Narwahl."
"Approximately 1.25 million Pacific Fur Seals return to the Pribilof Islands each year."
Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia


  1. Your leaves are beautiful and your woodgrain--wow. Great work.


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