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I think he loves me.

These arrived at work today. I haven't received flowers from my husband for several years. He used to send me flowers all the time, for all the "right" occasions: Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary ... you know the ones I mean. I finally told him that as much as I appreciated the thought, if he was going to spend that much money on a gift for me, I would like it to be on something that would last longer than a week. After that the flowers stopped and the "What do you want for your birthday?" started. For a few years I tried the "I don't care." approach. Then one year for Christmas he bought me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. Wel l l l l l l.... I already had a pair of diamond earrings that he had bought me a few years earlier and what am I going to do with two pair of diamond earrings anyway? Soooooo..... I asked him if he would be really upset if we returned the earrings and bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner that I had been eyei