I think he loves me.

These arrived at work today.

I haven't received flowers from my husband for several years.

He used to send me flowers all the time, for all the "right" occasions: Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary ... you know the ones I mean. I finally told him that as much as I appreciated the thought, if he was going to spend that much money on a gift for me, I would like it to be on something that would last longer than a week.

After that the flowers stopped and the "What do you want for your birthday?" started.

For a few years I tried the "I don't care." approach. Then one year for Christmas he bought me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. Wel l l l l l l.... I already had a pair of diamond earrings that he had bought me a few years earlier and what am I going to do with two pair of diamond earrings anyway? Soooooo..... I asked him if he would be really upset if we returned the earrings and bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner that I had been eyeing.

He laughed, told me I wasn't a REAL girl and got me a Dyson.

This past year and a half has been an "interesting" time for both of us. We have been working together in our new small business since July 1, 2008.

We have experienced some very scary economic times, (things are improving) and we have learned some very ummm... "interesting" things about each other personally. We had been married for almost 15 years when we bought the business. We knew each other pretty well by then, but there is still MUCH to learn when you work together every day..

We are getting more comfortable with each other at work, we are learning when and when not to talk about work at home, we are learning even more about each others strengths and weaknesses and I believe we compliment each other. We round each other out.

We will be celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary on Friday and he didn't want to give me something useful this year, he just wanted to say "I Love You".

They are kinda pretty, don't ya think :-)


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