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i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hot glue!

So..... I spent all weekend doing this project.

I DID get some of these done, but not all.

I was so tired of having my crochet projects piled up on my side table.( I currently have three going right now ).This was my hubby's magazine rack, a better description would be the magazine black hole. The last time I got fed up with it overflowing and cleaned it out there were magazines in there that were six years old!
I finally convinced hubby that he didn't need to keep all of his back issues since he NEVER opens them again after the initial read through and I mean Never. Any time he wanted to go back and look something up he just "googled" it. Who needs paper?
So... instead of filling it back up with magazines, he started keeping a few books in it. Gardening books and the like. The kind of books you only look at once or twice a year. Eventually he got just enough books in it to make a nice level surface that was perfect for holding some of his many remotes.
Now... you need to b…