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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 44 and a little ( i.e. HUGE) trip

I am, as usual, playing catch up on my weekly project. Sign-up opens Dec 1 and I think I want to sign up again for 2014☺ Glutton for punishment? Maybe☺
Chain Maille earrings. These worked up pretty quickly and they weren't as difficult  as I thought they would be. I got the free pattern here and I already had the jump rings left over from another project. The pattern is for a star but the Hubs said he thought it looked like a snowflake and I think I agree with him. I am currently three weeks behind and I don't think  I will be catching up in the next week or so cuz the Hubs and I  will be jetting off to.......... (wait for it) ~~~~~~~~~~

HAWAII !!!!!!
on Thursday morning (yep......Thanksgiving morning)
Yes... Thanksgiving Day 2013,  which coincidentally is the day after our  20th Wedding Anniversary (which is Nov 27☺) and  the day of my Birthday  (yep ~~ the big  50 happens on Nov 28)
(We were married the day before my 30th birthday, on purpose☺) Hubs always remembers. He may…

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 43

Wow! OK, I have posted 3 times in a week...Hmmmm I could say I'm trying to get better at posting more regularly but that's not necessarily the case. I am, however, still playing catch-up on this little year long project. The project is currently at week 46, I am posting week 43 today. Not too far behind☺ I am SO glad to be finished with this bracelet! I started this months ago.....the first time. I have torn this apart and restarted it 5 TIMES!  Aarg!!!
None of them were good enough and each one I liked less than the previous one. Looking back, I honestly believe the first try was the best one. I like this last try least of all, but I am NOT DOING IT AGAIN!
I absolutely LOVE the focal, another gorgeous bead from JulsBeads
(Pssst.....She's having a sale in her Etsy Shop, by the way☺) and I like the colors of the accent beads, but that's about it.
The rest of it, I'm not loving.
Except for the fact that it is finished. I'm seriously just tired of looking at it.…

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 42

Graduated Byzantine Chainemaille Necklace I made this when I needed something for my hands to do. I took concentration but no real creativity, it was a complete kit. It is silver plate (not the non-tarnish coated) so I was able to antique it. Ahhhh... Much better☺

Saying goodbye ~~~~

I will have to say that this last month has seriously sucked and being a grown-up isn't all it's cracked up to be, at times:(
On October 26th, we said goodbye to my baby girl  Lily. One of the hardest things for a fur parent   is to have to decide whether to continue to watch their baby suffer or to end the pain and say goodbye. I thought that that was one of the hardest decisions I would ever have to make.
Fast forward just a little over a week .... I sat in a small, quiet consultation room with my Mother,  helping her make the same decision about my step-father.
My step-father passed away on Monday Nov.4 less than 2 hours after being taken off of his breathing tube.
Michael John McBride You were much loved and you will be sorely missed.
 My mother seems to be coping well.  Like me, she is comfortable with her own company
and she and Mike recently adopted 12 year old Sadey.
I think Mom is going to be fine. Her awesome next door neighbor  installed the doggy door my sister and I g…