Year of Jewelry ~ Week 44 and a little ( i.e. HUGE) trip

I am, as usual, playing catch up on my weekly project.
Sign-up opens Dec 1 and I think I want to sign up again for 2014☺
Glutton for punishment? Maybe☺

Chain Maille earrings.
These worked up pretty quickly and they weren't as difficult
 as I thought they would be.
I got the free pattern here
and I already had the jump rings left over from another project.
The pattern is for a star but the Hubs said he thought it looked like a snowflake
and I think I agree with him.
I am currently three weeks behind and I don't think
 I will be catching up in the next week or so cuz the Hubs and I 
will be jetting off to.......... (wait for it) ~~~~~~~~~~

HAWAII !!!!!!

on Thursday morning (yep......Thanksgiving morning)

Yes... Thanksgiving Day 2013, 
which coincidentally is the day after our 
20th Wedding Anniversary
(which is Nov 27☺)
the day of my Birthday 
(yep ~~ the big  50 happens on Nov 28)

(We were married the day before my 30th birthday, on purpose☺)
Hubs always remembers.
He may forget which day is which, but he knows
the 27th & 28th are important♥

We realized recently that the last time we actually took a vacation
together that was longer than a long weekend,
was in 1998.
I think we are due,
and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!
Neither one of us has ever been to Hawaii,
so this will be an awesome adventure!!

We are going to Kona,
so if anybody has been and has any suggestions for adventures
let me know!
Also, the Hubs knows he will have to be drug into at least one bead store
so if you know of a great one let me know, k?



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