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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 9

I actually posted this on the group on time but I'm late posting it here☺ I haven't followed all of the weekly prompts (they are just suggested prompts to help give you a kick start if you are lost for ideas) but as luck would have it this weeks "theme" was "Simplicity" Thank goodness!☺   I have been a little busy working on this and having a blast☺ Still have a ways to go on the moose but progress is good~ And getting a good start on the bears and whales. And I've made some progress on a couple of these
fell in love with these colors almost immediately (please excuse the multi-colored straight pins☺)
and this one was a bear, to put it nicely! I tried about a dozen color combinations and hated them all. I had almost decided to start from scratch when this happened some how~ now I love it♥ And now I need to finish it! lol!
(Need to point out here that the gorgeous focals that inspire the color combos are, as usual, from my very fav lampwork arti…