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From the Land of Melodia.

Meet DonYm.
He is from the Land of Melodia.

It seems that everyone in Melodia is "Born to Play".

DonYm hails from the Woodwind Region. I believe that region is up North or maybe it's down South. There are so many different regions in the Land of Melodia, I get confused.

We will soon be meeting a lovely resident from the Stringdom Region.

My inspiration for our new friend here was this photograph.

I first saw this photo on this blog post.

This is one of the blogs I found during the OWOH event this year.
It is a wonderful blog and Sue of Barton Originals makes the most gorgeous art dolls, fairies and sculptures I have ever seen!Seriously. You really need to check it out!

Ok, done gushing.....

Back to the photo ☺

When I first saw it I had a vague idea of a really "dark" creature with the hollow eyes like the masks and other features that appeared to be just forming as it emerged from the underworld.

Well, obviously this guy wasn't having any of that!

He wanted to be a ligh…