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Summer Sherbert

You might remember a couple weeks ago I told you I got this book I got so caught up in playing around with the silver on Saturday and the polymer on Sunday, that I had to put the baby dragons on hold.  They aren't quite ready to hatch anyway=~)
These may not look like much just yet, But after a scrub-a-dub-dub and a refreshing dip in liver of sulfer they will be awesome:)
These still need to be cleaned up around the edges and varnished to a shiny shine ( I think I've mentioned before, I don't sand:)
Aren't these colors yummy??? They make me think of sherbert.
I love sherbert. drool
 Especially sherbert with vanilla ice cream. drooool

Sorry. I'm back. I had to go add something to my shopping list.
Once I get these to a finished state where I can start actually putting them together, I will take some decent pictures to post.  Until then, I will show you one I finished last week. This one is faux jade with the oxidized silver pendant. I will get better pics of this one also, there …