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Haven't Been Blogging.......

haven't been claying....

I've been redecorating!!
I've been re-doing my bedroom.
This is the before.
(I started taking things apart and realized I hadn't taken a before shot. Usually I have drawers in my nightstand :-)

Just finished tearing out all of the carpet. I HATE carpet tack strip!!

Layed down Pergo flooring.


Painted the walls a dramatic color.

Also, LOVE IT!

(I did paint all of the switch plates to match)
I'm thinking of doing something fun with clay, but it's still in the foggy, not quite a plan, stage.

Originally we had a waterbed frame in here, with a huge headboard and we plunked a sleep number mattress into it.

After taking that damn thing apart, AGAIN, to clear the room, I decided it wasn't coming back.

I have a teeny, tiny bedroom and the extra 8 inches I gained by not having that headboard is very noticeable.

In it's place I built this platform bed and made a headboard.

The headboard is 4 separate pieces of foam core covere…